Achieve your best health, holistically.

Feeling overwhelmed? Suffering from chronic pain? Want a healthier solution to medicine?

We solve your most pressing wellness problems with an all-natural approach that will leave you refreshed, energized, and ready to live your best life.

What We Do

We believe that there are conservative, natural holistic medicine therapies that can impact current acute and long-term health goals.

Through the use of a combination of traditional and innovative holistic treatment options we seek to re-balance and improve each patient’s health status.

Our focus is to offer holistic therapy options that can be used in partnership with patient goals to achieve optimum health.

What Our Patients Say

Meet Dr. Dan Ourada

Dr. Dan Ourada Holistic Health Services

My mission is to give you the life, health, and happiness you deserve in a proven-holistic approach.

Dr. Dan Ourada

Research-Based Approach

Nearly 90% of health is socially determined, meaning determined by what we eat, how we move, our environment and how we manage stress.

American Journal of Preventive Medicine

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